Inventors of Polymer Processing Equipment

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Per Capita Plastic Waste Generated in Indian States & UTs

Dear readers, even though the data seems simple, it is not readily available. This data is generated based on the extrapolated population of the Indian state or union territory and the latest plastic waste annual report of GOI. Certain calculation assumptions As per GOI, last census was conducted in the year 2011, so I have … Continue reading Per Capita Plastic Waste Generated in Indian States & UTs

Original Patents of Polymer Inventors

We are all aware of who were the inventors of various polymers, but are you aware of their patent details such as - Name, Abstract, Co-inventors, Application Dates etc. ? Even, I never saw their patent works, until now! It was really tough to dig down their original patents. I hope you enjoy knowing and … Continue reading Original Patents of Polymer Inventors

Inventors of Some Well-Known Adhesive Based Materials

Please check some basic books in the field of adhesive technology below

Plastic Packaging Tax

What is a Tax? There are certain ways tax is defined in various resources, some of which are listed below: Investopedia: Taxes are mandatory contributions levied on individuals or corporations by a government entity—whether local, regional or national. Tax revenues finance government activities, including such public works and services as roads and schools, or programs … Continue reading Plastic Packaging Tax