Original Patents of Polymer Inventors

We are all aware of who were the inventors of various polymers, but are you aware of their patent details such as - Name, Abstract, Co-inventors, Application Dates etc. ? Even, I never saw their patent works, until now! It was really tough to dig down their original patents. I hope you enjoy knowing and … Continue reading Original Patents of Polymer Inventors

Usage of Polymers in Drilling Fluids

Human life has transformed drastically in last few decades by the discovery and exploitation of oil energy. It is utilized in making our everyday products from makeup kits to life-saving devices such as MRI machines, pacemakers and even blood donation kits. Derivatives from oil refining industry is utilized to manufacture other important products such as … Continue reading Usage of Polymers in Drilling Fluids

Can 5G Maintain its Speed without Plastics?

5G is a fifth generation mobile technology designed for increased speed and reduced latency, providing a peak speed of upto 20 Gbps. Table below provides comparison between the current 4G and the 5G technology: What came before 5G in a nutshell: 1G: About voice transfer, providing ability to communicate even from cars2G: Introduced short messaging … Continue reading Can 5G Maintain its Speed without Plastics?