Coldplay trying its best to save the world

Coldplay, one of the most well-known music bands, ranked 26th on Billboard charts in 2020, and is the most trending hashtag today (#Coldplay) on Twitter. Coldplay (earlier named as Starfish and Los Unidades) is a British music band formed in 1996 by Chris Martin (vocalist, rhythm guitarist and pianist), Jonny Buckland (guitarist), Guy Berryman (bassist), … Continue reading Coldplay trying its best to save the world

Plastic Packaging Tax

What is a Tax? There are certain ways tax is defined in various resources, some of which are listed below: Investopedia: Taxes are mandatory contributions levied on individuals or corporations by a government entity—whether local, regional or national. Tax revenues finance government activities, including such public works and services as roads and schools, or programs … Continue reading Plastic Packaging Tax