Microplastics in Major Indian Rivers

Microplastics are tiny plastic particles up to 5 mm in diameter. Many studies are reporting microplastics in various Indian rivers. The blog post thus reports microplastics in major Indian rivers.

Anti-Gravity 3D Printing!

3D Printing - Definition Term 3D printing was coined by a Japanese Inventor Mr. Hideo Kodama in 1981; wherein he utilized UV light for hardening the polymers, thus creating solid shapes. Below are some of the definitions mentioned on various platforms for 3D printing operation: Merriam-Webster: The manufacturing of solid objects by the deposition of … Continue reading Anti-Gravity 3D Printing!

Recycling of Biopolymers!

Currently, about 75 - 85% of the polymeric materials used in various applications such as automotive, household items, construction, etc. are obtained from the non-renewable petroleum source (humans have already consumed about 950 billion barrels of oil till now, leaving about 764 billion barrels in the reserve). Considering the problems of pollution (soil and water) … Continue reading Recycling of Biopolymers!

Polymers with Hidden Length !

I came across one concept of 'Polymers with Hidden Length', which triggered curiosity in me to understand it further. To my surprise, this is not a new phenomenon but one with which we all are living for years and is apparently observed in bones, spider silk, abalone shells, diatoms etc. Literature defines this 'Hidden Length' … Continue reading Polymers with Hidden Length !