Plastic Upcyclers!

Upcycling is a process of converting by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted materials into artistic or environmentally valuable products. The blog post aims to provide insight about some of these plastic upcyclers!

Trash to Treasure

17 year old Aditya Banger started the upcycling firm named ‘Trash to Treasure’ in 2021; wherein he converts plastic waste (collected from local municipality, rag pickers, and companies such as Pepsico and Bisleri) into fabrics. Instagram handle: trashtotreasure_india


Nandan Bhat, a former CSR consultant, founded Ecokaari in 2020; wherein, he upcycles waste plastic into fabrics which are handcrafted using Charkha and Handloom; making them into products such as beach bags, tote bags, moon bags, wallets, fanny bags, etc.



1999 graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Amit Aggarwal started AM.IT in 2015-16 with the concept of upcycling; wherein he uses recycled plastic for creating futuristic jaali effect in contemporary fashion cloths.



Karishma Shahani started KaSha in 2012; wherein she upcycles discarded plastic bags into jackets, second-hand sneakers into stilettos, and discarded chandeliers into beautiful jewellery.



Amita Deshpande started the plastic waste upcycling in 2015 under the name Aarohana EcoSocial Developments; however, restructured it as reCharkha in 2020; wherein, plastic waste is upcycled by spinning it into yarn and then weaving it on looms into plastic fibre. The fibre is made into a wide range of products such as bags, cutlery, home decor products.


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