Coldplay trying its best to save the world

Coldplay music band

Coldplay, one of the most well-known music bands, ranked 26th on Billboard charts in 2020, and is the most trending hashtag today (#Coldplay) on Twitter. Coldplay (earlier named as Starfish and Los Unidades) is a British music band formed in 1996 by Chris Martin (vocalist, rhythm guitarist and pianist), Jonny Buckland (guitarist), Guy Berryman (bassist), Will Champion (drummer), and Phil Harvey (creative director). The band is into alternative rock (“Alternative” refers to the generation of musicians united by their collective commitment to either the musical style or simply the independent, DIY ethos of punk rock), pop rock (higher emphasis on professional song writing than on attitude) and pop music (also called popular music) genres. They have got about 13 million followers on Instagram, 19.4 subscribers on YouTube, and 23 million followers on Twitter, which is huge! As per the website, Coldplay has a net worth of about 475 million USD as per its records of 2019. Thus, they are not only wealthy but also popular enough to make a positive impact. Coldplay trying its best to save the world

Let’s see how Coldplay is trying its best to save the world:

Nov 2019: Coldplay put its touring on hold as they were trying to find out ways to make their concerts more sustainable and to make the tour carbon-neutral. They were trying to make the concert free of single use plastics and also solar powered.

March 2021: Coldplay partnered with The Ocean Cleanup to deploy river interceptor named ‘Neon Moon 1’ in 1000 rivers globally to collect plastic from them before it reaches the oceans. The work started with river plastic waste collection from Klang river near Bukit Raja, Malaysian. The project is expected to collect about 100 tons of waste plastic daily! Other countries covered would be Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and the USA

April 2021: Glastonbury Festival (a five-day festival of contemporary performing arts in Somerset, England, but was cancelled and was replaced by a livestream event called ‘Worthy Farm’); wherein Coldplay was the headliner, and requested its fan base to design homemade flags made preferably from cotton and stitched instead of glued; without using any plastic of paper based component; may be an attempt by them to increase awareness on sustainability.

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