Per Capita Plastic Waste Generated in Indian States & UTs

Dear readers, even though the data seems simple, it is not readily available. This data is generated based on the extrapolated population of the Indian state or union territory and the latest plastic waste annual report of GOI.

Certain calculation assumptions

As per GOI, last census was conducted in the year 2011, so I have extrapolated the data based on the rate of population growth provided for the decade 2001- 2011 by GOI. State wise data for plastic waste is for the year 2018-2019, as per the latest report available from GOI.


2 thoughts on “Per Capita Plastic Waste Generated in Indian States & UTs

  1. This is remarkable finding.. It shows Goa is the highest producer of plastic waste… obvious tourism effect.. People have a mindset to keep their homes clean and throw the garbage on neighbors door..

  2. Good insight.
    Tourism for Goa might be one of the reasons. Other reasons to be analysed to have action plan minimise the use of plastic

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